At Mediwellness, we love educating our patients on healthy eating and preventing chronic diseases. With so many diets and health foods, it can get confusing to choose which diet works best for you!

Diet is exceptionally personal.  Compliance and adherence to a diet results in more success. We do not want our patients to feel overwhelmed and obligated to a certain diet.  Food should be enjoyable and packed with flavors. We work closely with our patient to learn their lifestyle, work schedule, and motivation and guide them through a diet that is flexible and more enjoyable.


There is no “one size fits all” with diets. Patient’s medical history, medication, and lifestyle will determine which diet will work for them.  At MediWellness, we offer patients the clean start diet:


-Clean Start Diet


-Calorie Based Diet


-Ketogenic Diet


-Low carbohydrate

Low Calorie Salad

Clean Start Weight Loss® Program benefits include:

  • Medically-Supervised Diet Program

  • Comprehensive lab testing and medical history

  • No Packaged Meals – Eat Real Food – This means you get to learn how to make smarter choices AND save money!

  • Increased Fat loss with “Fat Burning” lipotropic injections

  • You will receive a comprehensive support package that includes: Guidebook, Food Journal, Tip Sheets, Shopping List and a Cookbook with over 50 recipes!

  • Long Term Weight Loss Success – Learn a new healthy lifestyle to maintain your weight loss
    Burns fat, not Muscle

  • Resets Your Metabolism

  • No Intense Exercise Needed


The Trio

To be successful with any MediWellness weightloss program, a proper fitness plan and supplements is critical.  We guide our patients on which supplements would fit them best with their diet plan. Supplements offer energy, detox, and aids in fat metabolism.  An exercise speeds up metabolism, release stress, increase muscle mass and provide more toned and leaner look.